Hosting a Guest from New Zealand

In mid-March 2024, I invited Prof. Carolyn Cordery of Victoria University of Wellington to be a guest speaker at Ritsumeikan University to help create an opportunity for NPO research to grow in Japan. Prof. Carolyn, with whom I had developed a close friendship through international conferences, was encouraged by the new nonprofit research being undertaken in Japan and gave a guidepost for future research on NPOs based on a vast review of previous research. Professor Emeritus Masayuki Deguchi of the National Museum of Ethnology then gave a presentation focusing on the history of NPO research, which has been established by prominent professors in Japan and abroad. Prof. Onoe of Nihon University, Prof. Sakamoto of Kansai University, Prof. Sato of Kagawa University and Prof. Nakajima of Osaka University of Commerce, who are currently leading NPO-related societies, actively discussed the roles they will play as the new generation.

During the nine days of Prof. Carolyn’s stay in Japan, we discussed a variety of topics such as global warming, gender, Japanese firms, infrastructure, community, politics, natural plants, and so on. As a result, I realized that my perspective on research had become narrower and decided that I would like to return to the origins of my desire to do research that is more useful to society. After the seminar at Ritsumeikan University, it was also good to be able to work with related academic societies, the seminar of the Japan NPO Association and a session at the 4th Research Conference of the Japan Society of Social Relations (PDF). I would like to make use of all my experiences in the future.

This was made possible through research grants from the College of Business Administration and the Research Department of Ritsumeikan University for this invitation. I also received much consideration and warm encouragements from the professors who helped me at related conferences, the professors and administrators of the College of Business Administration, Ms. Kashihara, a fourth-year student of the Faculty of Industrial Sociology, who helped me organize the seminar, and my friends. Prof. Carolyn also wanted to extend her gratitude for the kind hospitality shown her during her stay. Without your contributions, we would not have been able to complete our invitation program. Thank you all for your kindness and support.