What market entry strategies can be useful for Japanese Long-Term Care Firms?

I feel really fortunate right now that I will be able to publish my paper as my entry in the field of International Business very soon and am very satisfied at how I got to this situation. I had to visit plenty of cities in China to see what was going on there in terms of aging and how they are dealing with it and I would say that it was a very positive experience overall. I was lucky enough to have plenty of opportunities to learn a variety of theories related to market entry of Multinational Enterprises ranging from Buckley’s fundamental work on the Internalization theory to the more modern progressions of the Uppsala model and many others. I would like to take this opportunity of writing here to express my feeling of gratitude and introduce a bit about my upcoming paper.

My study attempts to understand and explore the process of market entry in one service industry focusing on three Japanese firms as a qualitative study. The market entry process through the selection of initial and subsequent locations in China and commitment of each Long-Term Care (LTC) firm in the welfare industry was particularly interesting to me, so I set about analyzing this process from the perspective of the Uppsala model. I had a great opportunity to interview three very unique and interesting companies and see their differences and what they had in common. Firm A has managed to succeed in their market expansion while putting a higher priority on experience of joint-venture in Qingdao. Providing consultation has also been one of the significant keys for them to expand in China. Firm B has been taking certain steps in managing psychic distance in their expansion while also making more effort in rotating selected expatriates very well. Firm C has also been running sound overseas businesses in China and making good use of the closeness in psychic distance between Shanghai and Nantong as a foundation in the internationalization of the firm under the direction succeeded by their first expatriate currently working at their headquarters. Interestingly, Chinese businesses of Japanese LTC firms have been very cooperative with outside firms since it is still a developing process after the governmental initiative.

Kojima, M. (2021). Market Entry Strategies into China in the Welfare Industry: A Case Study using the Uppsala Model. Journal of Asian Management Studies, 27, Forthcoming.