Thank you for visiting my page. My work and research interests revolve around Healthcare Management which I attribute to my upbringing in a small town in the countryside of Gifu, Japan where my family and I experienced several difficulties finding good medical services and a nursing facility for my late grandmother. This led me to […]

Hosting a Guest from New Zealand

In mid-March 2024, I invited Prof. Carolyn Cordery of Victoria University of Wellington to be a guest speaker at Ritsumeikan University to help create an opportunity for NPO research to grow in Japan. Prof. Carolyn, with whom I had developed a close friendship through international conferences, was encouraged by the new nonprofit research being undertaken […]

The Association between Social Networks and Volunteering

My paper has recently been accepted for publication in VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (IF 2.6), an international journal in the field of NPO research. I was very fortunate to have received generous help from my professors in many difficult situations that came one after another. Those insightful comments and suggestions have […]

Governance and Quality of Care in British National Health Service

This study aims to analyze through a quantitative analysis “Are there any providers associated between governance and the services?” and “What providers are associated between them?” in order to examine the association between governance and quality of care on the whole providers of the UK. Using “Care directory with ratings” during 2016-2020 which is open […]

Super-Aged Society and Senior Business

One of the social activities that I have engaged myself in these past two years is being part of a third-party committee that deals with incidents and complaints mainly from insured patients utilizing Long-term Care service in an Osaka’s municipality. It was so surprising for me to find out that, according to information from the […]

Women directors and firm performance in UK FTSE 350 : Implication for Japanese firms

The United Kingdom,which I often focus my research on in relation to health care, is also well-knownas one of the countries with the highest level of social participation forwomen along with Scandinavian countries and most western European countries. TheUK corporate Governance Code 2012 and social movements such as the establishmentof “The 30% club (https://30percentclub.org/)” recommends […]

Mixed Method Study on Caregiver Turnovers: A Qualitative Analysis on Turnovers in Nursing Homes and Quantitative Analysis on Prefectural Plans for Nursing Homes

A Comparison between the Turnover Rate of Care Workers and Other Industries Japan has often been thought of as having a high turnover rate for care workers. As a matter of fact, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, on of the most popular newspapers in the country with approximately 3 million subscribers in Japan alone, reported this […]